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Enhancing and Accelerating Bone Growth

Introducing Hydrophilicity to Your Implant

  • Thinner - Nanotechnology Mimicking Nature

    HAnano Surface® is a highly crystalline 20 nanometer thin hydroxyapatite layer composed of crystalline hydroxyapatite particles that through shape, composition, and structure mimic human bone tissue. The surface modification can be applied to an implant without changing the underlying surface structure – thereby improving the already existing surface by attracting more bone cells to the surface.

  • Faster - Catalyzing Biological Response

    HAnano Surface significantly improves the hydrophilicity of the implant material which catalyzes the biological response and facilitates absorption of body fluids into small pores and cavities on the implant surface. The nanometer-sized hydroxyapatite crystals enable increased recruitment and attachment of bone cells to the implant, thus accelerating bone growth.

  • Stronger - Enhancing Osseointegration

    HAnano Surface has proven to accelerate osseointegration of implants and enhance early bone growth in more than 30 pre-clinical studies. The surface treatment has shown to increase the implant anchoring strength with 25-80 % depending on implant material, thereby promoting higher success rate.

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“Our partnership with Promimic gives us the possibility to provide a technically superior surface modification to our customers.”

Dean Zentz, VP operations Danco-Warsaw

“HAnano Surface has unparalleled hydrophilicity, with faster osseointegration and a strong scientific background.”

Fabio Bezerra, Oral Surgeon, DDS, MsD, PhD

“HAnano Surface is part of S.I.N.’s focus to bringing innovative solutions to our customers. It complements our core technologies and has provided a fast market success for the Unitite implant.”

Bruna Ghiraldini, R&D Manager at S.I.N. Sistema de Implante Nacional

“Promimic delivers hydroxyapatite nano-coatings with excellent quality. We are very pleased with the treatment, delivery reliability and the finished product.”

Tobias Küller, Sensor Production Manager, Biolin Scientific

“We have worked with HAnano Surface for more than 10 years. Our results from 17 in vivo studies demonstrate an enhanced bone response for HAnano Surface.”

Ann Wennerberg, DDS, PhD, Professor, Department of Odontology, University of Gothenburg
osseointegration dental implants

Building Success by Solid Science

The technology behind HAnano Surface is built on a sound scientific foundation. HAnano Surface is exceptionally well-documented with over 30 pre-clinical studies, of which more than 20 have been performed in vivo. Promimic’s scientific documentation combined with the regulatory approvals in the U.S. (510(k)), EU and South America provides a clear regulatory pathway for products using HAnano Surface.

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