Research & Development

Promimic specializes in the production of the bioactive substance hydroxyapatite. The patented innovation can be used for several areas of medical applications, especially in the field of surface modification. Promimic's surface technology can be implemented onto various types of substrates including metals, ceramics, polymers and porous structures.


Improved Hydrophilicity

The wetting behavior of a material is very important for implant materials. Read more »


Enhanced Bone Growth

Coating of an implant with HAnano Surface results in an improved biological response. Read more »


Stronger Anchoring

The figure show results from a removal torque study in rabbit tibia. Read more »


Unaffected Insertion Torque

The HAnano Surface does not give rise to additional insertion torque. Read more »





Promimic's scientists have contributed to a number
of scientific papers. Read more »