Promimic is a biomaterial company that develops and markets a unique implant surface which dramatically accelerates osseointegration; HAnano Surface™. The surface can be applied onto various types of substrates, including metals, ceramics and polymers. The HAnano Surface can convert any implant - regardless of its dimensions and structure - to a surface that resembles natural human bone tissue.


Promimic will exhibit at the AAOS in Las Vegas, March 25-27th, booth #1064. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us to book a meeting. 

The HAnano Surface™ in short:

  • A highly nanocrystalline and 20 nanometer thin hydroxyapatite layer: can be applied without changing the underlying surface structure - improving the already existing surface
  • Excellent coating ability even on complex surfaces: makes it possible to coat various types of surfaces down to the smallest pores
  • Creates a surface with high wettability which is important for osseointegration: the contact area between the bone tissue and the implant surface is improved
  • Creates an osteoconductive surface for faster healing: the nano-sized HA crystals have a size and shape similar to natural bone which accelerates bone cell growth
  • Increased anchoring strength: the implant is up to 4 times harder anchored after only four weeks of healing
  • Easily implemented on an industrial scale: no major changes have to be made to the existing manufacturing process and no need for new implant instruments